13 Jun 2011

Cornish 2011 Redesign

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In March 2011, Cornish launched a redesigned site, based on an exisiting branding campaign, with an eye toward future flexibility. The project included an updated information architecture, UI, visual identity, and social media integrations.

The redesign led to significantly increased user engagement, which manifested through a 77% increase in page views and an 80% decrease in bounce rate compared with the previous design. Unique visitors and traffic sources held constant.


  • Information Architecture, User Experience, and Expression Engine HTML5 templates developed in collaboration with Cornish web designer, Kathryn Thomas.
  • Engineered all site javascript enabling large chunks of the UX/UI.
  • Wrote various templates to setup Expression Engine as a JSON-emitting backend.
  • Created Expression Engine custom module to integrate Vimeo OAuth API.